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Below is a brief history of the WHC

The Weymouth Heights Club has been the sponsoring organization for our Troop for close to 80 years. We conduct our weekly meetings on this location, as we have since 1934. Scouts have also gathered here for canoe trips, summer camp, weekend campouts, and cookouts. The WHC also sponsors Cub Scout Pack 2 which meets regularly during the school year in the hall, and a Girl Scout Troop that meets monthly.

This organization is a nonprofit, volunteer group, with the goal to improve and enrich the lives of the youth of Weymouth by sponsoring and organizing youth and community groups. Membership in the organization is open, and we encourage parents of scouts in our Troop as well as the general public to join.

Our Troop is thankful to the WHC for the use of the hall, and for their support over the past 80 years.

The Weymouth Heights Club building is a former Weymouth fire station, which closed in 1922. The property includes a large hall, garage, and storage area for equipment.

In 1985, the flag pole in front of the building was dedicated to Commander Haig Alemian, a Troop 2 Eagle scout, and the brick building behind the Clubhouse was dedicated to Franklin Pratt, who served as Scoutmaster from 1938 to 1974.

Recent Eagle scout projects on the site included the addition of a memorial to Ron Parry, Scoutmaster from 1974-2006, a new rear deck and a replacement fence, a modified flag pole that can be tilted for painting, and a new cement access ramp, with landscaping and site cleanup as a regular task

The information below, excerpted from the Troop 2 Scout News, April 13, 1971, gives a bit of background on the evolution of the WHC from a fire station to a mens club to the clubhouse we now know
Headline – Weymouth Heights Club Celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary

The building known as the Weymouth Heights Club was erected in 1893 for a hose house for a local company of the Weymouth Fire Department. The land was purchased from Charles Tirrell for a cost of $65.00. Charles Chubbuck of North Weymouth was the builder, and the cost of the building was $424.00. Hose Company No. 7 was a part of the Weymouth Fire Department until 1921, when more modern methods of fighting fires came into effect. Evidently Hose 7 did quite a business during its existence, turning out as many as ten volunteer firemen at a fire.

The second phase in the history of the Heights Club began in 1921, when a group of public-spirited citizens from Weymouth Heights purchased the land and building and proposed to operate it as a men’s club. The plant was incorporated according to state law for civic, social, educational and athletic purposes. Mr. Fred Smith was the first president of the club. Under his leadership the clubhouse was remodeled. Unfortunately, the men’s club was not a success, and membership fell off until there were only seven men left on the membership list. On October 2, 1934, these men turned the property over to Troop 2, BSA. This arrangement with the Scout troop worked for a while. The property was cleared of debt, and improvements were made to the building, but it became increasingly apparent that other arrangements must be made, because the constitution of the Boy Scouts does not permit individual troops to hold real estate.

Facing these difficulties the Club was reorganized in 1938. The Clubhouse was enlarged by sawing it in two, moving the two sections apart and building in between. These changes included a second floor, toilets in a new front, and a cellar to house a new heater.

Through the years the Weymouth Heights Club has proudly sponsored Boy Scout Troop 2, and continues to fulfill its goal to improve and enrich the lives of the youth of Weymouth by sponsoring and organizing youth and community groups. Enter content here

Weymouth Heights Club 598 North St. Weymouth, MA 02189 781-331-6006