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Monthly campouts are held at Valley Pines, a property owned and managed by the Weymouth Heights Club on behalf and for the express use of the scouts of Troop 2 and their guests.

Our campground in Norwell, located at 505 Grove Street, includes a cabin, outhouse, fire circle, and flagpole.

As you drive into Valley Pines, please remember to stay off of our neighbors’ lawn. Speed limit is 5 mph. Please turn down radios and respect our neighbors property.

Weekend campouts typically begin on Saturday morning at 10 AM or so, and end early Sunday morning around 8 AM - 9 AM. Please pick up your boy promptly in the morning on Sunday so we can all go home and have a SHOWER!
Note – Uniforms are never required when we camp.

We will supply tents, although you're welcome to bring your own. There is also a cabin for sleeping when the weather doesn’t cooperate.
Cooking is on an OPEN FIRE - so be sure to bring a sturdy pot, eating utensils, a spatula, an oven mitt, a can opener, etc. Food you cook should be easy to prepare on an open flame, easy to eat, and any rubbish should be packed out. You should also bring cleaning supplies to clean your utensils and cooking equipment. A sandwich is fine for lunch, but you must cook your dinner.  Breakfast should be cold – cereal, granola bars, etc.
Please do not bring fast food (Burger King, McDonalds, etc) – this is a campout – you either bring a sandwich or cook your food. Excessive snacks, soda, and junk food are also not necessary.
What do you need to camp
  • Weather appropriate clothing including boots, hat, coat, gloves, etc
  • Food for 3 meals – Hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, eggs, etc – anything that cooks over an open flame is suggested.
  • Bottled water.
  • Warm sleeping bag and sleeping pad.
  • Flashlight.
  • Football, or a Frisbee, etc
  • Scout book, for signing off on work.
  • Bug spray
No BB guns, large knives, or axes are permitted. If you have Tot’n Chip you can bring your pocketknife.

Electronics –
Cell phones  - cell phones are discouraged on campouts. They are a distraction and are not necessary, as we have several phones available for emergency purposes. 
Personal Electronics – IPods, radios, DVD Players, laptops, etc – these are not allowed on campouts.

Emergency contacts – please call or text 617 413 4437
Sleeping Arrangements
All scouts sleep at the campfire area, either under the stars or in tents, or in the cabin.
Adults sleep either in the cabin or next to the cabin.
No adults are permitted to sleep in the campfire area with the scouts.

All sleeping is as follows

  • Tent
  • Cabin
  • Under the stars
No sleeping in or under cars, in truck beds, etc.
All participants must arrive before DUSK – there is no driving permitted past the final turnoff after dark.  If you arrive after dark please leave your vehicle at the final turnoff, assuring the road is clear, and let the adult leadership know so we can arrange to clear the road and alert the scouts to your arrival.
No scouts are to leave the premises without permission.
All boys are expected to clean up after themselves and help with troop cleanup.  Scouts should not leave Valley Pines until they have checked in with the scoutmaster.  The scoutmaster needs to be informed of departures and he will also verify that the scout has completed all required cleanup duties.

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