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The history of Troop 2, the oldest troop in the Old Colony Council, and one of the oldest in the USA.
It may not be generally known, but Troop 2 Weymouth is the oldest continuously active and registered Boy Scout Troop in Weymouth, and for that matter, one of the oldest in the country. There are no other troops in Weymouth established in 1911 that have been continuously chartered, active, and in existence.

We are indebted to Mr. Ernest A. Smith, the founder and first Scoutmaster of Troop 2 Weymouth.

Troop 2 Weymouth was organized by Mr. Smith at the East Weymouth Congregational Church in 1911. Sunday April 16, maybe called the date of organization for Troop 2 Weymouth. At the same time, the minister of the Baptist Church at Weymouth Landing also applied for commission as Scoutmaster. In the confusion at National Headquarters the numeral "1" and Mr. Smith "2". Troop 1 however, was not organized for scout work until Troop 2 Weymouth had been in existence more than a year.

The first regular Troop 2 Weymouth Boy Scout meeting was held in the East Weymouth Congregational Church on Saturday, April 22, 1911.

We have an outstanding record for boys in Troop 2 Weymouth who have obtained the rank of Eagle Scout.

From 1927 to 2009, two hundred and thirty four Boy Scouts of Troop 2 Weymouth have attained this, the highest award in scouting.

The Troop 2 Weymouth Drum Corps was organized in 1931 and made its first public appearance on Memorial Day, 1931.

Boy Scouts from Troop 2 Weymouth were color bearers at the dedication of the Lincoln Monument at Hingham on September 23, 1931.

In October 1934, the Weymouth Heights Men's Forum of the First Congregational Church, Weymouth Heights became the sponsor of the troop

Troop 8 - Girl Scouts used the Weymouth Heights Club building from 1934 to 1937.

A Sea Scout Troop was formed in 1938.

The Weymouth Heights Club clubhouse was enlarged in 1938 and is twice as large as it had been.

Troop 2 Weymouth is proud that Franklin Pratt, Scoutmaster from 1938 to 1974 was the holder of the Silver Beaver Distinguished Service Award. At that time he was one of the few adults in the Old Colony Council to have received this award for local Council service.

In early 1939, a dispute arose as to which troop was the oldest registered in Old Colony Council. Records of Troop 2 Weymouth, compiled by Franklin Pratt, Scoutmaster, were sent to Old Colony Council for examination. The educational Director of the Council and a member of the finance committee reviewed these records proving Troop 2 Weymouth to be the oldest registered in Old Colony Council.

Troop 2 Weymouth along with other Troops camped on Grape Island in May 1939.

In 1939 and 1940 Troop 2 Weymouth put on Minstrel shows and charged twenty-five to thirty-five cents for tickets.

Pack 2 Cub Scouts met at the club house after receiving its charter in 1940.

Troop 2 Weymouth has had two Explorer Posts registered under the old Explorer program. Charles Krabek and our former scoutmaster, Ronald Parry, received the Explorer Silver Award, the highest rank in this program.

At this time it should be noted that ninety seven boys received the Eagle award in Troop 2 Weymouth during the years Franklin Pratt served as Scoutmaster. This is a record no other Scoutmaster in the Old Colony Council has come close to. Mr. Pratt also camped with hundreds of boys from Troop 2 Weymouth in over 1,000 different campsites in the United States and Canada and Mexico.

In 1941, the United States Navy proposed to build a Dirigible Base in South Weymouth and the Garden Club asked Troop 2 Weymouth to remove and transplant Lady Slippers and Trillium plants as a conservation measure.

Records show that Troop 2 Weymouth started collecting waste paper in November of 1941 and was earning $10.00 a ton for it.

Members of Troop 2 Weymouth performed many civic duties for the community during World War 2. The war service stripe was awarded to 34 Troop 2 Weymouth Boy Scouts and the General Eisenhower Medal was awarded to Troop 2 Weymouth who individually collected over a half a ton of waste paper.

The fee for Camp Child in 1945 was $9.00 per week.

In 1946 Troop 2 Weymouth collected unused Boy Scout uniforms to send them to help Scouting return to the Philippines and Europe after World War 2.

In 1946 the "Charles H. Wilder and Fred H. Smith Fund" was established in memory of two good friends of Troop 2 Weymouth. This fund was established by Franklin Pratt with the proceeds of waste paper drives and donations. In 1976, the moneys in the original fund were transferred into a newly created Wilder-Smith Trust Fund. The interest of this new fund to be used by Troop 2 Weymouth to underwrite camp expenses, purchase new camping equipment, to allow an annual Parent and Son Ham and Bean Dinner, and to be used to defray the expenses of the annual Parents Night Diner.

We had contact with Weymouth, England in the years 1947 - 1949. Their Troops are called Groups and each Group has three sections, Rover Crew, Scout Troop, and Wolf Cubs.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contacted Troop 2 Weymouth in 1948 for information on two men who applied for positions with the FBI.

March, 1950, 24 members of Troop 2 Weymouth attended the Governors Reception in the Hall of Flags at the State House on Washington's birthday. Troop 2 Weymouth was the only Boy Scout Troop present.

The first Church awards came to Boy Scouts of Troop 2 Weymouth in 1950 for Ad Altare Dei and God and Country.

Family picnics at Valley Pines started in 1956. Merit badges and Eagle presentations were awarded to members of Troop 2 Weymouth during a ceremony on that day.

A new service flag, showing 310 members of Troop 2 Weymouth who served in the two World Wars and the Korean Conflict, was carried in the parade on Memorial Day in 1965.

November 4th, and 5th, 1967, Troop 2 Scouts were among the first Boy Scouts to camp at Great Esker Park. At that time, they began construction of a foot bridge across on of the tidal streams.

In 1968, Troop 2 Weymouth qualified for the Historic Trail Award by locating and marking an historic trail that is notable in American History. They chose the old road from North Scituate to Plymouth (through Valley Pines) and named it "Damon Road" in memory of the Damon family, who with the Otis family, were the original owners of Valley Pines. The Scouts also mapped out the route through Scituate and Norwell used by the Minute Men. The wood road through Valley Pines was laid out in 1700 and was the main traveled highway between the settlements to the Northwest and Plymouth until 1858.

Due to the low cost of scrap paper in 1985, Troop 2 Weymouth's long time money making project of collecting newspapers stopped. Collection of returnable cans and bottles proved to be more profitable.

On November 11, 1985, a memorial program in honor of Haig S.Alemian and Mr. Franklin Pratt was held at the clubhouse. The flag pole was dedicated to Commander Alemian with many members of his family and friends and of Troop 2 Weymouth present. The new brick building behind the Clubhouse was dedicated to Mr. Pratt.

The Silver Beaver Award, one of Scoutings highest adult awards, was presented to Herbert H. Holmes on January 23, 1986. Mr. Holmes had been active in Scouting with continuous service since 1923. His presence in Troop 2 Weymouth has been a source of strength and inspiration to all the Scouts of the Troop. Both the Troop Committee and the boys of Troop 2 Weymouth had tremendous respect and high regard for Mr. Holmes who served with dedication and honor for over 60 years.

Through 2006 Scoutmaster Ron Parry had one hundred and thirteen scouts who reached Eagle Scout. He was Scoutmaster of the Year and had given the Silver Beaver Distinguished Service Award for his dedicated service to the Boy Scouts of America.

Long distance trips with Ron and Troop 2 Weymouth in the past included to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Colorado, California, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, and other states in between.

Late summer weekend bike trips to Cape Cod are taken each year by Troop 2 Weymouth with about 60 bikes being trucked down and then boys ride the bike trail of the Cape.

About every two years, a five day canoe trip is taken by Troop 2 Weymouth down the Saco River in Maine and New Hampshire. Also in the years when the snow condition allow an exciting experience is the snow mobile trip to New Hampshire.

Eagle Scouts in Troop 2 Weymouth now number over 200 since 1911. We have been getting three to five Eagle Scouts each year for the past several years.

Boy Scouts of Troop 2 Weymouth have marched in parades for many years. They have marched in Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham, Cape Cod, Dorchester, and Bristol New Hampshire. Troop 2 Weymouth is the oldest continuous marching unit in Weymouth
For over 50 years Troop 2 Weymouth has conducted Summer Camp in Wellington State Park at beautiful Cliff Island in Bristol N.H.. Camp is and has been rewarding for all who attend. These camps teach many Merit Badges that can not be taught at the Club House. Many required Merit Badges and of course water types are taught.

We are indeed fortunate to have many instructors that attend, along with qualified water front people and of course certified EMT's.

In August 1999 a 9000 mile trip for 25 Troop 2 Weymouth scouts went to the west coast with stops all across the country.

In August 2000 we went to the mid west for 3 weeks. The boys and adults learn many things about our country on these trips. A 2001 summer trip is being planned to take about 24 Scouts and adults to the Far West.
The Silver Beaver Award was presented to Harold A. Porter in 2008. His continuous contributions to Troop 2 Weymouth and the Weymouth Heights Club are inspirational and show great leadership and incomparable dedication.  He is the Troop 2 Weymouth Treasurer, coordinates advancement, and manages our redemption facility. Harold is part of a long family tradition of scouting in the troop, which includes his son David (Eagle scout in 1985 and former troop committee chairman)as well as his wifes father and grandfather. We are indebted to the service of Mr. Porter.
After the unexpected and untimely death of Ron Parry in June 2006, Assistant Scoutmaster and Eagle scout James Hamilton took over as Scoutmaster, serving with distinction in that role, keeping the troop together through the tumultuous time after Ron's death, guiding the boys through to Eagle scout for two years. Jimmy stepped down in June 2008 to focus on his growing family, and Charles Clancy, also a Troop 2 Eagle scout,  assumed the role of Scoutmaster. In September, 2009 another long time Troop 2 Weymouth scout, Jim Kelley, took over as Scoutmaster. In Septmeber, 2011 Eagle Scout David Chase became Scoutmaster.
Kicking off in April, 2011 Troop 2 began celebrating our 100th anniversary.

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