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Troop 2 Weymouth Drum Corps needs Drummers! 

Troop 2 Weymouth Drum Corps practices regularly.

Practice before every clubhouse meeting during the school year at 7 PM. At other times during the year the Drum Corps may practice on Sunday evenings at the clubhouse (except holidays and the second Sunday of the month when we have Troop Committee meetings in the hall). Check the BLOG for a current schedule.

The Million Dollar Question is  How do I get a drum patch? - Well, first you have to complete all pieces successfully. Testing is done on Sunday nights. Then you have to complete a random sample test of 4 pieces called by the drum leader. Then you get your patch. It's very simple, but it takes dedication, practice and determination.

Why carry a flag that snaps and flaps in the wind, when you can look sharp banging a drum! Come to practice and give it a try!

If you have any questions about the Troop 2 Weymouth drum corps, please connect Mr Chase at a Monday meeting.

Weymouth Heights Club 598 North St. Weymouth, MA 02189 781-331-6006