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The Weymouth Heights Club is a nonprofit, volunteer organization. The goal of the organization is to improve and enrich the lives of the youth of Weymouth by sponsoring and organizing youth and community groups.

The Weymouth Heights Club proudly sponsors Troop 2 of Weymouth, the oldest Boy Scout troop in the Old Colony Council, and one of the oldest in the United States.  
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Several clubs and groups use the hall for frequent meetings, and there is an active, growing membership in this organization that meets regularly at the clubhouse.

The Weymouth Heights Club is a former Weymouth fire station, closed in 1922, and Troop 2 has met here on Monday nights since 1938. The Weymouth Heights Club is thankful for the donations of time, energy and materials, both past and present, from it's members, from the organizations sponsored by the club, and from our friends. If you're interested in donating to the organization to help us ensure continued programs, or if you'd like to get directly involved, please click on Contact Us to let us know!

For more information about Troop 2 Weymouth, the Weymouth Heights Club, and our programs, contact



Weymouth Heights Club 598 North St. Weymouth, MA 02189 781-331-6006